Data don’t lie

Data Don’t like.

I used to submit ads to 50 online classified ads portals, as part of my ads submission service for my clients. After I examine the number of views in each portal, I realized that 90% of the visitors came from the top 5 sites.

With this insight, I could achieve almost the same outcome in 5 minutes instead of 1-2 hours when I focus on activities that give me the highest ROI.

According to another source, he said that 90% of his sales come from the top 5-10% of his affiliates.

Yesterday I examined my autoresponder emails and checked the open rate. Those emails with very high open rates tell me what my subscribers like most.

The lesson is that data don’t lie.

Your preference may not be the same as your market preference. Maybe you don’t like a certain color or design, but what if data shows your market like it?

When you have access to the data, you can work on tasks that give you the maximum ROI with the least amount of time.

I share more examples of where to find the data and how to apply it to their business, only with my solopreneur tribe.

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