How to Promote Your Product with a Free Mini Course

Sending visitors, especially people who do not know you, straight to your product sales page is not going to get you much sales. The conversion will be low.

The proven and really effective way is to offer them a free mini course. Clear their objections. Whet their appetite. Make them hungry for more. Bring them to the desert. Make them thirst for your product.

How do you do implement this strategy? The details are inside this report.

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The Intimacy Factor

There are so many ways to market your business.
There is a way that is so simple and so beautiful.
The way is proven and timeless.

No need to fake it till you make it.
No need to dress and look like a success.
No need to take photos with celebrities.
No need to trip people through tripwires.
No need to compute ROI and conversion rate.
No need to upsell, cross-sell, and down sell.
No complicated software.
No need to use paid stuff.
No need copywriting or SEO.
Young and old also can use this way.

This report is so good that my mentor Suria is sharing this with her tribe.

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How to Convert Prospect to Client

How do you convert a prospect to a client? This special report works for you
if you are providing a freelance service

If you try to pitch a sale to strangers, it will be a hard sell. There is a better
way than cold call, giving flyers or selling to people to people who don’t know

The clue to the method  The word starts with ‘a’. 5 letters.

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