Plan B Survival Kit – How to Create Money-Generating Assets

If you stop work for a month or more, can you survive?
Do you have a Plan B contingency plan should circumstances beyond your control happens that will affect your earning?

If you don’t have a Plan B, you can plan for it now. You can create assets that has monetary value, assets that can create you an income when you are unable to work for whatever reasons.

I am sharing what are the scenarios that one might not be able to work and some of the ways to generate money-generating assets.

Before we brush it aside that “it won’t happen to me”, why take the risk?
It can happen to anyone. For the sake of your loved ones and your future self, future-proof your career so that you will survive the winters of crisis.

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Where do I start?

Making Money Online…Where Do I Start? – Honest Advice for IM Newbies” by Ye Fuda.

A free report by Ye Fuda who is a Google Adword expert.

Here’s what you will find in the report.

* How to apply Sun Zi’s Art of War in business.
* What games taught Fuda about business.
* How he turns his faith into a mission and his interest into a business.
* A crash course in affiliate marketing
* The 3 questions that will give you clarity of your direction.
* Whether you should you quit your day job or not.
* How to fail forward
* and more…

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How to Run a Profitable Lead Generation Business

“How to Run a Profitable Lead Generation Business…and make more money than your boss without him knowing.”

You want to run your online business but you don’t want your boss or your nosy colleagues to know about it.

You don’t want to put your name on social media either.
You don’t want to trade them for money. You want a scalable business

You don’t want to talk to the customers or meet the customers.
Is it possible?

Yes, it is.

It is highly profitable because the business is something that every business owner wants.

What is it?

It is the business of lead generation.    How do you do it?  I have my own special style to doing this business. The secret is in this special report.

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